EQ Consulting 

EQ Consulting’s mission is getting the best out of your people and to drive productivity.

Economic downturn, government legislations, mergers and acquisitions, technology and social challenges across global boundaries have come together to form a ‘storm’ of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

 In the face of these challenges, a relentless focus on talent and leadership is how top companies stay on top.  

  • Self aware leaders
  • Productive sales force
  • Resilience through change
  • Engaged employees
  • Psychological well-being

 With over 14 years in the corporate world, we specialise in these 3 niche offerings:

  • Sales excellence
  • Resilience through change
  • Productivity through mindfulness

Our services range from individual coaching, high impact workshops to large group facilitations. We utilise a range of assessments in strengths, engagement, wellbeing and 360° leadership. 


  • Number 1 Global Sales Consultant for a Fortune 500 company - 2 years running


  • Currently completing Doctorate of Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Currently completing Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing
  • Completed Bachelor of Commerce & Marketing
  • Internationally trained Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
  • Mindfulness Coach - Nan Tien Temple
  • NIDA trained body language

EQ Consulting Value Proposition


Chelsea was amazing and delivered a wealth of knowledge into a short space - we could not recommend her highly enough.
— Samantha Blagg, HR consultant for Orchard Marketing