Getting started with meditation

Before you begin your own mindfulness journey, use these videos to help you get an understanding of meditation and the balance it can bring to your mental and physical wellbeing.


Managing stress and anxiety

One of the most useful strategies for coping with stress, anxiety, worry and fear, these meditation guides will help you calm down and breathe.


For different times of day

Meditation is a great activity to build in to your morning routine before you start the day, or just before you go to sleep at night.


For your creative and intellectual wellbeing

As humans we're innately creative and intellectual beings. Meditation is an excellent way to maintain a sense of confidence, and better understand our minds both at work and play.


For your family life

Meditation is an excellent way to bring calm and a sense of harmony to your body during the exciting, yet often stressful, stages of building a family. These videos take you from pregnancy to helping your own kids mediate and bring a sense of calm to their young lives.


For underStanding your body

A healthy mind is critical to the proper functioning of our bodies. With this series of meditation videos, you'll discover strategies to better understand and take take control of your body — whether its for elite sports, or simply, your general wellbeing.