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EQ Suite of Corporate Workshops

Designed for corporate professionals, executive leadership teams, workshops and groups.

Includes: Mental resilience in the face of adversity, brain hacks, mental health and gut health, sleep hacks, fasting brain benefits, tools to rewire your brain for happiness, 90 second technique to decrease stress, strategies to break negative feedback loops, setting your morning up and the science behind meditation. Action plan. 

Book Chelsea

Includes: What is your current mindset, how do you respond to mistakes, positive mindset shifts, science behind mindset research, transitioning from fixed to a growth mindset, how to respond to set backs and criticism, motivation through mindsets, how to build intelligence, engagement and the power of YET. Action plan. 

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Includes: How well are you sleeping, addresses common causes of poor sleep hygiene, new clinical research around sleep, tools to improve sleep quality, psychology tools, environment tips and techniques for stress management. This program will make your staff, happier, healthier and more productive team members. Action plan.

Book Chelsea

Includes: Science behind goal setting and success for your team, how to break through limiting beliefs, science behind visualisation, the 'Will' and the 'Way', how to use mental rehearsal, shift your mindset to optimise positive goals, learn how to foster creativity. Action plan. 

Book Chelsea

Includes: Understanding your biochemistry for peak performance, goal achievement, tools to build rapport, strategies to mitigate procrastination and multi-tasking, time management tools, email efficiency, 1% habits of high performers, tools for accountability and discipline. Action plan.

Book Chelsea

Includes: How to spot symptoms of mental health within you and others, how to have a conversation, strategies to implement if someone isn't coping, tools for being proactive around peoples mental health, how to minimise anxiety and improve stress management, how to break rumination. Action plan.

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Chelsea is one of the top motivational and inspiring speakers in the APAC region. Chelsea will empower, motivate, lead and inspire your audience to take control of their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Her special gift is her ability to engage with the audience, build trust, delivering scientific evidence in a fun and insightful way. Chelsea equips the audience with valuable tools to become more resilient, powerful and perform at their best. 

As an ambassador for Mental Health Charities, Chelsea's greatest passion is the development of mental resilience. Chelsea has commenced her studies towards a PhD in Psychology and she is in the unique position to have deep insight into brain science and a variety of topics including peak performance, mental resilience, productivity and longevity. Many say her keynotes are the best they have ever experienced. 


"Chelsea shared her deep insights into the often overlooked importance of mental health. The company was buzzing when Chelsea left and with a 100% show of hands we will get her back again. Thank you for sharing your journey and tools with the CBRE and Dexus teams. "

Jim Jones
Head of Business, APAC

"I can't tell you how many inspiring emails I have received following Chelsea's keynote presentation. The feedback was mostly how valuable the content was but overwhelmingly how amazing Chelsea's style was. She has a special gift to connect to the audience and communicates the tools in a very unique way. "

Natalie O'Brien
Manager, CBA

"The feedback from my team on Chelsea's workshop has been outstanding. Chelsea was able to connect and engage with each person in a calm and authentic way. Chelsea explains the science behind the tools and made it relevant to the audience. I would highly recommend Chelsea to any organisation interested in the longevity and wellbeing of their people. "

Martin Jordan
General Manager, Matrix Surgical

"On behalf of the Symbion/EBOS company a massive Thank you! I have never heard such positive feedback from our team about a presenter in all the years I've been in business. It was a wonderful experience having Chelsea at our conference."

Chris Meyerkort
National Sales Manager, Symbion

"Chelsea is a natural speaker who is incredible knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. The tools she provides are things you can embed easily and effectively. I would highly recommend Chelsea for any organisation. "

Anita Metcalf
Learning and Development Manger, ANZ




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