Picture yourself achieving all your key performance goals in work and life. This 10 day program will offer a simple way to change your life for a more calm, happy and successful year.

This 10 day program offers

Meditation, journaling and positive psychology. The course will break through your limiting beliefs and guide you in achieving your goals!


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How this goal attainment program will help you?

  • A step by step guide to create a vision board

  • Understand the power of visualisation and instructions for how to utilise it

  • Shift your mindset to optimize success, wealth and abundance

  • How to break big goals into manageable action steps

  • Meditation, journaling, positive psychology tips and tools 


What's included?

  • A video lesson for easy listening during your day

  • A podcast to access anytime

  • Downloadable worksheets

  • Downloadable meditations

  • Journaling exercises to get clear on your goals

  • Readings on the science behind visualization and how to make your vision boards work faster

  • Inspiring screensavers for your phone

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"I had a lot of limiting beliefs that were holding me back. This goal attainment program was the best way to set myself free from my own inner dialogue. The magic of this program is that Chelsea becomes the kind of friend to everyone who does her program. She offers a wealth of information, advice for overcoming fears, encouraging ideas and gives you practical guidance on how to go after your dreams. "

- Alex M.

"This goal attainment program will blow YOUR MIND! I feel inspired, motivated and educated with how to utilise my brain in the right way to drive success in my life."

- Dana P.

"I loved the flexibility of Chelsea’s Goal Attainment Program. Being able to listen to her podcasts or meditations while commuting made this program really accessible and achievable to do. I also loved that we had different options to create the vision board on the last day. I’m in a high tech company and the fact that this is a cutting edge program compared to other antiquated programs had me hooked on Day 1."

- Simon S.

Start the program. Transform your life.

Why Chelsea supports vision boards?

My sceptical mind tells me that there is a rational explanation for every piece of life’s events as they are unfolding.

In 2017, I had a talk to a professor at University and we were discussing Quantum Physics and the power of visualisation.

Prof said something really powerful ‘What happens if the science is placebo? You have the same life 12 months from now…’

Now that I understood the science behind visualisation, I had friends who validated the benefits of doing it, the

Biography’s I was reading, I.e. Oprah Winfrey does it. Perhaps, I should try it….

So, up went my polaroid images, and I started practiced the techniques I was learning at University. Meditation, visualisation, journaling, practicing intentions, utilising imagery and the power of a positive mindset.

One of my images was of The Gidget Foundation that has a target of $5M underneath. My dream is to build a public hospital for Post Natal Depression and Anxiety patients in Sydney, Australia.

In 2 weeks, I just happened to be introduced to a friend, who at the exact time was hiring a CEO for The Gidget Foundation. Whom, just happened to be looking for an ambassador for this charity.

She just happened to be in conversations with our government, who had just happened to have a new focus on mental health. The government just happened to then donate 300k to The Gidget Foundation.

Was it was all a matter of random chance? But after months of similar experiences happening in my life, my sceptic mind began to think again.

How can so many highly unlikely things come together at once to produce a desired result? This led to a mission to determine if there is a scientific link between how we think and things that materialise.

If I was to treat vision boards and visualisation as a scientist rather than a hypothesis. Would it stand up?

I began my research and addressed this question in my follwing vision board program.

With incredible excitement, I realized that the evidence is there. But no one strung it together from a clinical perspective.

This program will astonish you. You will uncover as your consciousness changes, so changes your world.

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